Swimming for weight loss

Swimming is a special kind of sports activities, which brings tangible benefits to virtually all systems and organs of the body. It helps to relax and helps improve the overall tone of the body.

The benefits of swimming for weight loss

Swimming helps to lose weight and not only. And this will be discussed below:

if you want to lose weight, swimming is your best helper . It burns fat and calories. It is an effective tool in the fight against obesity. Even half an hour spent in the pool, contributing to greater fat burning and increase the rate of metabolism;

swimming for weight loss forms a slim muscular figure. Swimming is one of methods for forming a slim figure, because it involves the major muscle groups. Hand help to hold the body on the water, engaging in swimming the entire body, thus acting on the shoulders, chest, back. Feet is the driving force during the voyage. The leg muscles are strengthened, developed, and feet become slender. Muscles work more efficient in the water because of the higher resistance;

swimming for weight loss soothes, relieves stress, energizes ;

swimming is suitable for almost everyone. This sport can be practiced almost since birth. Accustoming the child to the lessons in the pool, you are pointing it to the path of healthy development. Movement during swimming is very natural, so it gives an opportunity for all to learn. Swimming is also able to slow the aging process;

swimming helps to lose weight, and prevents cardiovascular disease. Regular exercise increase stamina, strengthen muscles;

swimming lessons have no side effects;

water exercises normalize blood pressure, improve blood circulation;

during swimming improves the function of the respiratory system, the body is oxygenated;

water is able to relax and chill out. People get tired from the strain, the heat. And when the body is in an aqueous medium, it allows for longer without feeling fatigue and takes longer time than on land;

swimming for weight loss a pleasure . Many people take this sport as fun and often try to get out to the beach or the pool.

Why effectively swimming for weight loss?

If you need to lose weight, swimming is not immediately comes to mind. But this is the most correct answer. No other sport does not burn as many calories, not accelerates better metabolism and gives the power of each muscle. How many calories are burned while swimming? At the usual hour of swimming can burn 500 calories, and the intensive training – 700 kcal.

Behind examples far it is not necessary – look at the swimmers to understand how swimming helps to lose weight and to hone the perfect silhouette. To have a perfect body, does not need to be an Olympic champion. Muscle swimmers more dry, and the waist and thigh – slimmer than people who do other sports.

To lose weight, swimming is the ideal tool . It causes the body to shape through active burning calories and involve different muscles. Because water is denser than air, each stroke and jerk is a mini-training on resistance to thighs, torso, buttocks, shoulders and body. Besides burning calories, while swimming increases the metabolism, increase lean muscle.

Swimming for weight loss makes us toned and slender, while not impacting much of our body. Water neutralizes gravity, in this regard, you become almost weightless when immersed in it. This allows the joints to relax. You can swim all day without fear of being hurt yourself. This is not about strength training or running.

How to swim for weight loss?

Swimming helps to lose weight, acquire a beautiful shape. You first need to focus on swimming technique. If you have a good hold on the water, you still need to take some lessons from the instructor. He will teach you the tricks of swimming for weight loss: what strain of muscle, how to breathe, how to hold her head up, etc . After that you can study independently.

To swim you need on an empty stomach, otherwise you might trigger unpleasant consequences for digestion. This is because water puts pressure on the abdominal cavity, thus exposing the food in the stomach a strong impact. To avoid problems, eat vegetable soup or salad 2 hours before the start of classes. An hour later, after a workout, you can eat low-fat yogurt or fruit.

Swimming for weight loss should be dealt with between 16 and 19 hours. In the morning the body to stress is not ready, and tonight he needs rest, so morning or late evening classes would not benefit.

To strengthen muscles, lose weight, swimming is necessary to practice regularly, at least three times a week . To should swim without stopping for 40 minutes minimum, trying to keep maximum speed. During this time optimally take 1000-1300 meters. Every 100 meters you need to change the style. During the voyage focus on their own feelings. Experience the work of each muscle, as streams flow around the body. So you will make progress, to develop coordination and strength.

Each of the styles of swimming gives a great strain on the muscles. How many calories are burned while swimming? The champion is the crawl, which burns for an hour to 570 calories. This type of swimming for weight loss is particularly suitable for those who wish to tighten the muscles of the legs and arms. How many calories are burned while swimming breaststroke? Brass helps burn per hour 450 calories. He is well-developed respiratory system, trains shoulders.

After swimming for weight loss best quiet walk at a slow pace for half an hour . This will help to consolidate the results and to prepare for the rest. At home massage body jets of water under a warm shower. Most important to remember the secret voyage of benefit when you enjoy.

Of course, swimming for weight loss are not as convenient as running. In the latter case, you only need to put on sneakers and go running. And necessary for swimming cap, swimsuit and goggles and you are ready to dive into the water. So, full speed ahead!

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