Elliptical trainer recommendations, benefit, effect, contraindications

Do not be confused by tricky word “elliptical”, we note only that this kind of exercise equipment that you probably already known: the riders, Steppers, treadmills, stationary bikes and other. Elliptical same trainer – a cross between a habitual exerciser, thus has other useful functions. In fact, it is a hybrid, designed for people wishing to strengthen the cardiovascular system and respiratory system, and simultaneously to get rid of body fat. From elliptical trainer benefit is very large, because it also is a type of cardio exercise equipment.

Let’s take a detailed look at the features of this kind of simulator. The most important of them is the trajectory of movements: doing, you can move not only forward but also backward. Accordingly, from this we can conclude that during exercise widowed involved more muscle groups, thereby decreasing the body mass and body tone increases. By the way, about that! Perhaps you need to talk in detail on “Elliptical trainer, what muscles are working?” Answer: the burden falls on the chest, hip, calf and back muscles.

Elliptical trainer: the benefits in detail

Before proceeding to the lesson on the simulator, must be very careful to understand that what is a benefit of training and whether it harmed. First the good. Here’s a whole list of positive things:

Increases stamina.

The simulator is a perfect replacement for the shaping, and the effect of it is better than fitness (don’t forget that this is cardio).

Remembering about fitness, note that the “elliptical step” helps to focus on problem areas, and lead them in a tone that regular workout is achieved nadmirnym and prolonged labor.

Sessions on the elliptical trainer enables you to lose weight, unless, of course, stick to a healthy diet, and avoid alcohol and Smoking from your life.

At last, as it is important for ladies, stop. All adults understand that to achieve dropping weight, burning calories, and it happens during intense exercise, which is enough to move on an elliptical trainer. It is equipped with a computer and sensors that show the consumption of calories, prompt the program to eliminate cellulite.

Anyone can be practiced on the simulator?

Here it is necessary again to return to the question: “Elliptical trainer, what muscles are working?” because, having understood this, let’s define who are not allowed to do. It turned out that those who suffer from diseases of the spine and joints, quite a force to train. An elliptical trainer allows you to spend a quiet, leisurely complex of smooth exercises. But you need to remember about a moderate (!) load, because it falls on tendons, ligaments, joints, ankle, knees, abdominal muscles, buttocks and shoulders. So the simulator can use any athlete and even a novice.

Like everything in this world, this simulator also has contraindications. First of all, heartfelt. That is not necessary to overload the body, and it is better before a workout to go for a visit to the doctor and listen to his advice relating to the new classes.

Elliptical trainer, contraindications

If you really want, you can do. But watch out for the state when not feeling well (heart pain, severe shortness of breath, dizziness, nausea) – stop your workout. Usually to do cardio on the stairs is not recommended for people suffering from frequent hypertensive crises and those who suffer cardiovascular disease. Also, the elliptical trainer is contraindicated in those who are already experienced before an attack of cardiac asthma, tachycardia, angina. With edema and thrombosis, cancer, diabetes patients should not engage in the practice.

An elliptical trainer at home

The compact size, functionality, and the fact that the elliptical trainer is quite easy to transport (most models have wheels), makes it very convenient for home use. And many call this simulator the best of his kind. Do it and buy this technical creation those who’ve always wanted to go to a ski resort, but had no time, those who loves Jogging and can’t stand or even lazy to Wake up early in the morning. In other words, elliptical trainer — a benefit, not a loss. It is a reasonable allocation of time, because of all the exercise and exercise is quite possible to do it. Just imagine: I want to ride on a bike, which you have not, but there is a simulator – select the simulation mode Cycling, and eat. The same thing happens with the “walk the stairs”, “run”.

Use for muscle elliptical trainer

Training on this unit contribute to the saturation of oxygen to the muscles, and therefore increase vitality and endurance during exercise. Elliptical trainer helps and improves the aerobic capacity of your body to 30 %. Trauma during exercise is reduced to zero (although a certain percentage always remains, because nothing can be absolutely perfect). The inventors have tried to make combo trainer for weight loss and health improvement, embodying this idea in the elliptical trainer.

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