What I like and don’t like muscles

Due to the muscles we, the representatives of the human race, keep the balance, to successfully move through space, breathing, swallowing, talking, spinning eyes, and some “lucky” even wiggling ears, and we all have heart beats. In the middle of the last centuries by Austrian neurologist Rohracher discovered the amazing phenomenon of the human body: due to the contraction of muscle fibers it every second vibrates with a frequency of 7 to 15 Hertz – even during sleep. So in a sense we are all due to the muscles remember working without interruption and disruption


18 the muscle mass of a man in the middle reaches 40% of the body.

The largest human muscles – gluteal.

The most active of the eye.

The strongest are those which we chew.


So, the muscular system cant do without movement. Help her to achieve that – move! Only after 40 years remember the three “p”: constantly, feasible, gradually.

The muscles are the most flexible when they are warm. So stretch occasionally in the morning right into a warm bed. Not a sin in the summer to soak up a little sun, and in winter to lie on the Russian oven. No stove? Then welcome to Russian bath. Don’t forget to grab the broom oak, juniper or birch – unique massager.

Not to chill the muscles, beware of drafts, dress up warm and the weather. If possible, less synthetic, more wool.

Muscles like training in the water. Therefore swim more, I can do: doggy style, breaststroke, with flippers, scuba diving, and the muscle will be very happy.

The swim more. Especially when you add some various flavored salts or herbs: mint, pine needles, chamomile, Bur-marigold.

Hot tub – they are just insane fun. It creates a special hydropol. The muscles for a short time, almost freed from the power of gravity, fall into a blissful state of weightlessness, as the fetus in the womb or an astronaut in orbit.

Prefer food with the highest protein content, from which to build muscle mass. It’s beef, Turkey, chicken breast, beans, buckwheat, beans, peanut butter, and foods rich in calcium: sea and river fish, cheese, yogurt, milk.


Just can’t stand the cold, especially long-term. Under its influence they painful “cringe” and suffer from myositis and intercostal neuralgia.

Not “liking” them foods rich in cholesterol. Primarily butter, pastries, cakes, cocoa, fatty meat – pork, lamb, duck.

Some novice bodybuilders out of envy Schwarzenegger absorb in a large amount of a special protein mixture. Stop: because of their extreme calorie they are professional athletes. Teenage dream to hit friends and girlfriends athletic figure, often resort to using anabolic steroids and human growth hormone. And really striking. doctors destroyed by the liver, blood cancer, impotence.

Don’t like muscles “hidden”, as psychologists say, is not the finder of emotions. Experts believe that if you suddenly “broke” shoulder or aching in the lower back, the reason may be that you just don’t “let off steam”, “swallowed” resentment, suppressed anger. Maybe you should buy a set of unbreakable dishes?

Lactic acid buildup

Following intensive physical activity in the muscles accumulate lactic acid. It can lead to irreparable damage to the muscle tissue. And this is a serious risk of developing cardiovascular disease, brain disorders. Figuratively speaking, the muscles are 639 (so many of them in our body!) “peripheral heart” to facilitate normal circulation. If they suddenly senile or, conversely, can’t get out of stress, our “main” heart falls critical load.

Relieve muscular intoxication” – the pain after a hard workout is easy. There are several methods available. With high physical loads take vitamins C and E. Adult enough 400 mg vitamin E and 500 mg of vitamin C per day. With reduced muscle tone drink more and tonics: strong tea, coffee, tincture of aralia, ginseng root, Rhodiola rosea. Prepare muscles for hard work, doing self-massage. Pound feet (consistently the foot, shank, thigh), arm (brush, forearm, shoulder) for 3-5 minutes. Use self-massage, and when physical effort is over. You may feel a sharp pain, but it doesn’t have to stop you. Then, after the massage, you’ll feel much better.


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