Nordic walking for diabetes

Nordic walking – a long-used a type of fitness for the relief of excess pounds. The effects of Nordic walking is not long to wait. And I’ll tell You why. Many may think that this is a kind of entertainment and not a serious exercise, but believe me, it is not so! If you treat the case with the works and with all seriousness, then the results will be visible after 1-2 months after the start of classes.

Hello dear regular readers of this site and passers-by! Recently promised to tell You about the kind of walking that I really love in Scandinavia, and today is the day of fulfillment of the promise. You will not believe, but in some cities and in the Internet, i.e. online life today we can find various schools of teaching Nordic walking. And for good reason! Because the benefits from it is huge!

But why I decided to write on my site about this type of fitness? The fact is that it is very useful for people who are diabetic patients because it improves the microcirculation in the vessels and “disclosure” of the joints. And if Nordic walking regularly, that is, enter it in the list of mandatory tasks during the day, you can achieve the desired results over a fairly short period of time. And is prevention and, to some extent, the treatment of diabetes without the use of medication and medical equipment.

How did Nordic walking?

Otherwise, this sport is referred to Finnish, Nordic or Nordic walking. He is a special Hiking trip, when walking, a person relies on special poles, similar to ski. Patented this kind of recreational gymnastics in 1997 Finn by mark Cantana, when it got its official name. However, the method of using sticks when race walking began to apply much earlier. Her idea belongs, as one would expect, Finnish skiers who have discovered a significant increase in the potential of the body after prolonged intense training with sticks.

Well, as in many sports, Nordic walking was becoming every day more popular, and today its enthusiastic use in their daily life, the inhabitants of many countries of the world.

What you need for Nordic walking?

All that is required from the person – time for half an hour a day to practice, ski poles or special Nordic walking poles, which can be purchased without any problems, and, of course, the desire to improve their health and to be fit. Without third paragraph, the first two can be safely discarded in the trash.

It is desirable to live near Your part of town was a Park or a stadium, to engage you without thoughts about what You think about the surrounding. Generally, in recent months I began to notice that the circle of like-minded people Nordic walking in our city, in Baku, was gradually replenished. Near our house there is the stadium, and there I sometimes notice people walking, so to speak, Scandinavian And it only pleases me, people care about their health, it’s so good! How’s things with it, have You noticed such lostracco in your city? Very interested to know.

Benefits of Nordic walking?

When walking with sticks, unlike normal walking or running, the process involves almost all the muscles of the body. And if to speak more precisely, when the Nordic race walking to work takes 90% of the body’s muscles, and during normal walking – only 65-70%. Work larger percentage of muscle is more fat (1.5 times). So this method should take advantage of diabetes type 2 diabetes. flowing with obesity. Or just the tendency to it as a method of prevention.

Leaning on a stick when walking, a person significantly reduces the load on the calcaneus, hip and knee joints. Given the fact that diabetes in most patients have problems with joints, Nordic walking – a great way in their situation.

When walking with poles also trains the myocardium, which is very important for the prevention of heart disease in diabetic patients.

Nordic walking is ideal for improving posture and training the sense of coordination and balance.

For the reason that in this kind of physical culture is engaging in a process of the muscles of the upper body increases breathing capacity of the lungs.

With regular exercises, the improvement of the gastrointestinal tract, reducing “bad” cholesterol, accelerating the removal of toxins from the body and the normalization of metabolic processes. And all this, you will agree, friends, contribute to the overall rejuvenation of our body.

As You can see, items 1, 2, 3, and 6 is extremely important for diabetes patients. Well and improve the condition on the remaining items, they also can not hurt. And to always stay healthy, you need to read useful information for improvement, and follow the required guidelines. I need not to remind You to subscribe to site updates .

The technique of Nordic walking

Appliances of this type of walk very close to normal: the torso, legs and arms simultaneously and freely moving forward initially routed right leg and left arm, and then the left leg and right arm, and so on. During Nordic walking, it is important first to set foot on the heel and then toe. You know, so it should be at walking, but many of us do not pay attention to it and therefore go wrong.

Movement during such a walk should be smooth, without sudden jerks. It is important to consider that moment to the time when one of the hands went forward, she slowly bent at the elbow. And so then with the next hand.

The pace of the Scandinavian health walking should be more intense than the walking pace of the walk. Step width during walking is determined by the amplitude of the movements of the hands. Depends on the overall stress on all muscles of the body. In other words, if you reduce the reach, width of the step must also be reduced. And, accordingly, the load on the body will also slow down.

The technique of implementation of Nordic walking involves different variations: permitted alternation of fast and slow walk, run shallow and wide steps. But in detail I didn’t describe the technique of Nordic walking, there is no substitute for learning video tutorial on this topic. Watch and informed, so to speak:

Contraindications to this walk

And finally, I would like to dwell on those moments when to engage in this form of Wellness culture is not worth it. Know that the Internet is almost all the “gurus” Nordic walking write that contraindications this technique has not. But I would, of course. was not so confident to say this, because I know any sport, whether it be skydiving or race at the distance, has contraindications.

For example, I would not recommend to do this walk for people with serious heart problems (hypertension. angina), with feet, with osteoarthrosis, infectious diseases, any kind of significant pain syndrome. At first it is better to heal, and then “start battle”.

If serious health problems not, it is safe to start walking in a Scandinavian way. This kind of Amateur sport suitable for people of any level of physical fitness, gender and age. But do not forget that to increase the load in this walk should gradually. And don’t harrass yourself to exhaustion. The last sentence strange happened. Well, okay, You got me

All good evening, morning or day!


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Nordic walking for diabetes
Nordic walking - a long-used a type of fitness for the relief of excess pounds. The effects of Nordic walking is not long to wait. And I'll tell You why.…


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