Calorie consumption during exercise for weight loss

Everyone needs to exercise. They are equally useful for a lean body (helps build muscle), and for overweight people (burn excess fat). This article is for those who want to lose weight with the help of various loads on the body.

Note that those fats that are burned during exercise, easy to fill with fresh muffin or chocolate flavored. Therefore, in order to lose weight, calorie consumption during exercise should be larger than the parish when eating. Should be carefully recorded in a notebook all the foods that are

eaten during the last days, and to calculate how many calories per day consumed by the body.

How to learn to count calories?

Actually, very simple. For this purpose there are special tables that talk about the caloric content of a product. Nutritionists recommend to eat boiled lean meat instead of fried. The difference in their caloric content is huge. An ordinary woman on an average day consumes 2500 kcal, man – 2900. But to lose weight per day is necessary to “eat” no more than 1500 kcal. That’s a regular practice in the gym. Do not think that the weight will go away rapidly. You must meticulously take daily calorie consumption during exercise, their consumption when eating.

What types of physical activity exist in our day?

We are losing calories even when sleeping, but it is worth listing the most effective ways of dealing with them:

1. The work will certainly help to get rid of excess fat. But the important intensity of the exercise. For example, a Builder will burn more calories than the student, but less of a miner. The less work you have to sit and the more you move, the stronger the body. Heavy labor is, of course, useful, but very tedious and boring in its monotony. Its disadvantage is that to heavy loads, the body gradually gets used, there is “a plateau effect” (the person ceases to lose weight).

2. Chores also act on the body differently. Therefore, the consumption of calories during exercise should be considered very carefully. For example, when moving furniture burnt 0.106 kcal/min*kg, and when reading sitting – only 0.02.

While sleeping and watching TV, the body reacts the same way. Playing with the baby or doing the cleaning, you should consider the activity of their movements: this factor is very important. So, just brushing the dust much weight you lose, but if the shoes on the shelf to wash, to wipe all the Windows and the floor to vacuum, the effect will be much more!

3. Fitness, aerobics and sports are best to strengthen the body, make it slim, flexible and fit. But an untrained person to engage in such exercise extremely hard. Calorie consumption during exercise in this case, the most great. The main thing is not to overdo it: from a long stress during exercise, the muscles will begin to ache. Therefore, do not need more than two or three times a week for a couple of hours. This would be sufficient.

If you decide to burn calories, exercise regularly, because from a couple of movements no visible result. But people engaged in physical labor at work, at home and in the gym is going to have a healthy, strong body. And no excess fat. This is the ideal, isn’t it?

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