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Breathing exercises is a system of breathing exercises, aimed mainly at the prevention and treatment of diseases associated with the respiratory system, cardiovascular disease, vegetative-vascular dystonia, sexual disorders in women and men, diabetes, and weight loss.

Breathing exercises are an integral part of physical culture and sports; as every exercise, every movement of the person is accompanied by inhalation and exhalation. The breath is the main source of life. People can live without food and water for several days, and without air a

maximum of a few minutes

The breath is the set of processes that ensure the intake of oxygen and the evolution from carbon dioxide (external respiration) and the use of oxygen by tissues and cells for the oxidation of organic matter with release of contained energy, necessary for life (cellular respiration, respiration ).

The diaphragm and respiratory muscles of a person work, obeying his consciousness and will, therefore, in order to breathe correctly, it is essential to know the structure and mechanism of respiratory.

Respiratory organs:

The nasal cavity is formed of bone and cartilage and is lined with mucous membrane. Main function is to clean inhaled air from dust particles, to warm and humidify it, and the mucus, in turn, prevents the penetration of microbes.

The mouth — nose is used for breathing air, if breathing through the nose is difficult or impossible (e.g. disease rhinitis).

The pharynx connects between the nasal cavity and mouth. Its main function is to conduct air from the nasal cavity (or mouth) into the larynx, the promotion of the bolus from the oral cavity into the esophagus.

The larynx is composed of muscles, unpaired (large) cartilage and contains the vocal cords. The main function of the air passing from the pharynx into the trachea during exhalation of air, the vocal cords start to vibrate and make sounds.

The trachea is a continuation of the larynx, consists of 16-20 cartilaginous rings with semi mucosa. Primary function: allows you to not linger on the air during movement of the neck.

Light paired organ of respiration, the right consists of 3, while the left lung has 2 lobes. The lungs are covered with serous membrane. Also the lungs include the bronchi, pulmonary artery, and 2 pulmonary veins. Its primary function is the implementation of gas exchange between the air that is in the parenchyma of the lungs, and the blood flows through pulmonary capillaries.

The bronchi are the left and right lungs. Formed by smooth muscle and hyaline cartilaginous rings, which prevent the lungs bronchial tubes; bronchi inside is lined with mucous membrane. The main function is to transfer air to the bronchioles.

Bronchioles — smaller branches of the bronchial tree, not containing cartilage and passing into the alveolar ducts of the lungs. The main function is to deliver air to the final destination of the alveoli, where gas exchange.

The amount of air ventilating the lungs in 1 min, is the name of the MOD (respiratory minute volume). MOD is equal to the product of tidal volume to respiratory rate (number of breaths in 1 minute, equal to a person about 15-18) and is an adult in the state of rest 5-8 l/min.

Types of respiration: superficial and deep, rare and frequent, top, middle (thoracic stomach.) and lower (abdominal the stomach.).

Performing breathing exercises has 2 main objectives:

Purposefully affect the respiratory system, increasing its functional reserves.

And through effects on the respiratory system to produce changes in functional systems and various organs.

People have used breathing exercises from the ancient years. In different times in relation to the activities changed, but the interest never waned. Experts from different countries include breathing exercises to the number of effective factors contributing to the recovery and resiliency of the human body to various diseases.

Nowadays there are a huge number of exercises (Strelnikova, Bodyflex, tai Chi ), martial arts (Wushu), complexes (Yoga), methods (K. P. Buteyko, Yu. G., N. A. Aghajanian, Yury Bulanov, V. F. Frolov), systems (J. P. müller, L. Kofler, O. Lobanova E. Lukyanova), exercises (included in the warm-up) associated with breathing. Briefly consider some below:

Yoga concept in Indian culture meaning in a broad sense, the totality of the various mental, physical and spiritual practices developed in different directions of Hinduism and Buddhism. The main purpose of which control physiological and mental functions of the human body with the aim of achieving each individual unearthly mental and spiritual state. Pranayama is the fourth stage (level) of Ashtanga yoga. Pranayama (yoga) is the control of prana ( Qi life energy) through breathing exercises.

Wushu is a term that is used to refer to Chinese martial arts and modern sports based on them, and respiratory Wellness gymnasts. Qigong (neigong)-Wushu, which includes complexes of meditation and breathing exercises, nutritional and hygiene regulations, as well as a special type of spiritual education.

Breathing exercises Strelnikova is a Wellness method that was created a few decades ago Strelnikova A. N. This paradoxical breathing exercises used in diseases of the respiratory system, also vegetative-vascular dystonia, cardiovascular diseases, obesity, disorders associated with sexual activity in men and women.

Bodyflex is breathing exercises using aerobic respiration, for the rejuvenation and healing of the body. Breathing exercises Bodyflex was built on a synthesis of knowledge of the ancient Sciences (one of them is “self-healing of Ayurveda and Tibetan breathing and yoga. The basic principle of breathing exercises bodyflex is the burning of fat and the formation of the muscular frame and weight with the help of the diaphragm, aerobic respiration in the synthesis of isometric stretching exercises. Speaking in other words, this breathing exercises for weight loss.

The Buteyko method is the treatment of illnesses of deep breathing method volitional normalization (liquidation) deep breathing (wlgd). K. P. Buteyko — known physiologist, academician. In the Buteyko clinic, treated diseases: cardiovascular and bronchopulmonary systems, allergic diseases, ENT diseases, chronic fatigue syndrome, vegetative-vascular dystonia, as well as prophylactic immune-depressive States.

System Muller is a set of physical and breathing exercises without additional load, aimed at maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Müller I. P. famous German naturalist, physician, Professor, and of course the athlete. Muller believed, there are no miracle treatments, and all the matter in a healthy lifestyle. Also Muller believed that the most important of all floor exercise is a breathing exercise.


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