Chinese breathing exercises

Chinese breathing exercises developed in ancient China. Chi-Chun — this is a Chinese breathing exercises that provides a person complete mental and physical rest.

In this article I want to acquaint You with the basic principles of breathing exercises, which since ancient times is used in China.

Attention to physical education of the people paid in China since ancient times.

In ancient China were developed gymnastic complexes, both therapeutic and Wellness. Many of these gymnastic complexes retained their value in our days.

In modern China at the enterprises and in offices on the radio three times a day is hygienic gymnastics (those who are older, remember gymnastics production in the USSR).

Modern and ancient Chinese are engaged in military gymnastics Wushu.

Complex people’s physical tai-JI is very popular in modern China.

Slow, plastic movement, asynchronous movements of the limbs, head and torso provide the ability to produce hundreds of movements that depend on the skill of the performer.

In the official complex tai-JI included 154 core exercises.

Every morning and evening in the parks and squares of China dozens of people perform the national plastic tai-JI temple.

Complexes tai-JI, Bao-tribute-Chun, Lei-JI temple are adapted for individual classes They include self-massage, movement of small muscles and joints, stretching. These systems are used not only in hospitals of China, but also in rest homes.

Breathing exercises Chi-Chun in China is unique among methods of physical therapy.

The main purpose of breathing exercises, Chi-Chun is the creation of man the complete mental and physical rest. The complex consists of simple techniques that ensure your concentration, as well as different styles, rhythms and pace of breathing.

In hospitals of China has branches breathing exercises, and the resort Bodyke established a special hospital-sanatorium of aperature.

The main therapeutic method there is breathing exercises . and mode, diet, medication are subject to this method.

The main indications for the use of breathing exercises are diseases of the digestive tract, especially stomach ulcer. It also shows in neurosis, early stages of hypertension, pulmonary tuberculosis, bronchial asthma and unsustainable compensation for various pathologies of the heart.

For various diseases developed special complexes of breathing exercises. One of the main advantages of the techniques of breathing exercises is that the treatment is carried out by the consciousness and strength of the patient and, having mastered this technique, he uses it his entire life, which significantly improves their condition.

Chinese breathing exercises, Chi-Chun requires the participation of a small number of muscles.

All exercises are self-massage, much better than a regular massage.

Thus stimulated, trained blood vessels, nerves and muscles due to involvement in the movement of the different parts of the body, which reduces the course of treatment.

Treatment Chinese breathing exercises prescribed by the doctor depending on health of a particular person.

Many years of experience in the use of Chinese breathing exercises has shown that it really revitalizes, improves performance, prevents disease and prolongs life. Thus the people who are involved in regular exercises Chi-Chun, even in old age up to 80 years old, healthy and happy and don’t look decrepit old men.

I want to present You an article by Deputy Manager of the sanatorium Bodice LIU CHUI-ZHEN on the application of Chinese breathing exercises.

A new method of treatment of diseases of the respiratory gymnastics

When I first heard that, using the method of breathing exercises, you can cure the patient without the use of medication, I thought it impossible. But now, after he himself had been cured of peptic ulcer, neurasthenia and tuberculosis without medication, using this method, I became his advocate and promoter.

In the spring of 1948 I worked in the liberated area in the southern part of the province of Huabei.

I was 27 years old, but due to a serious illness I lost so much weight that weighed only 38 kg. from weakness And could not even walk.

For a long time doctors of Chinese and European medicine helped me, but hope of recovery was not.

I had to return home, in the County Vaccani Hebei province, where on the advice of an old peasant Liu Dojo, I started taking treatment method of respiratory gymnastics.

Liu Dojo told me to settle in a separate small room where there was complete silence; he showed me what position I should lie or sit, and how I needed to breathe.

Performing all his instructions, in a hundred days I secretly recovered from stomach ulcers and tuberculosis. However, I still have neurasthenia, but I felt much better.

After that I again started to work. All my friends were surprised that for 7-8 years so grievously ill, suddenly quickly recovered.

Soon I was sent to Liu Dojo to study his method of treatment.

He told me that the method of breathing exercises adopted FAO Hey, who lived in the era Minskoe dynasty (1644). Having mastered this treatment method and receiving the support of the people’s power, I went to the southern part of Hebei province for practice.

To me began to treat patients.

Checking with a doctor of Western medicine, an accurate diagnosis of the disease, I started her treatment method of respiratory gymnastics.

To date, I have treated 115 patients with gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer (90% recovered.

Example: employee Bodinskogo medical Institute Wei Si-Jae suffered from duodenal ulcer for 20 years. When he came to me, he had a poor appetite, pain in stomach and back. However, after two months of treatment, he completely got rid of the disease and gained weight 11 kg.

The method of breathing exercises were also effective in the treatment of dispensei, pulmonary tuberculosis, hypotension, hypertension, General weakness and some other chronic diseases.

While we cannot fully explain why this method is effective in the treatment of many diseases, however, based on experience, we can say that this method of treatment are driven internal organs and calms the brain.

Breathing exercises includes all the benefits of hypnosis and sports.

When the patient is breathing slowly through the nose, sits quietly in the peaceful and quiet surroundings, the brain is resting, that helps restore the entire nervous system.

A special method of breathing increases metabolism, and this restores the activity of internal organs and heals damage.

To promote breathing exercises, we organized a seminar, which was attended by about 130 doctors of Chinese and European medicine. In the Tien-Shan is built sanatorium, where will only apply breathing exercises without the use of medication.

In this article, You learned about the kinds of Chinese breathing exercises and read the article the Deputy administrator of the sanatorium Bodice LIU CHUI-ZHEN on the application of Chinese breathing exercises “a New method of curing diseases”.

Exercises Chinese breathing exercises.

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