11 ways to stop overeating after your workout


Did you get a good sweat in the gym and now with a clear conscience can afford a big dish of ice cream?

Stop! Studies show that people tend to reward themselves after intense training large portions of food, and as a result, calories burned with excess returns.

«There is nothing criminal in a hearty lunch after a workout, ” says Dr. Emily brown, a nutritionist at the Mayo clinic in Rochester, Minnesota

and a former athlete, But first we have to understand what you need to power, not to gain extra weight».

So, clever ways to curb appetite after workout.

1. Eat immediately after your workout.

» If you are always hungry after a workout, no matter eat beforehand or not, try to plan your workouts before eating.-advises Dr. brown,- Thus, you will be able to refuel with the right amount of calories without the need to snack during the day.»

This strategy can work, no matter whether you are a morning, afternoon or evening. To eat when you Wake up and a hearty Breakfast after a morning jog; to bring a sandwich for the day’s training; to prepare the meal, just heat and eat it after evening classes.

2. Practice fun!

Think less about training, about how a boring routine, and more about how the occupation that you like — it will help you to eat less after the gym. Such conclusions were made by researchers at Cornell University in 2014.

The researchers invited volunteers take a quick step 1.4 miles. One group said it was training, another — a pleasant promenade. As a result, the participants from the first group ate 35% more chocolate pudding for dessert than their » promenade» colleagues.

In another experiment, volunteers were given after the walk refreshments and «training» swallowed up 124% more calories than those who enjoyed it.

3. Proteins and carbohydrates in the pair.

«When you need to eat to recover after a workout, I recommend to eat carbohydrates and proteins at the ratio of 4:1, recommends Dr. brown.- This will allow you to replenish energy and rebuild muscles after exercise».

For workouts lasting less than an hour, keep a snack in 150-200 calories — a peanut butter sandwich, cheese crackers or mixed nuts to dried fruits.

If you work in the gym lasted more than an hour and lunch, you can eat the food based — a gram is enough of carbohydrates per kilogram of body weight ( and four times less protein). For example, if you weight 60 kg, no harm will refuel 70 grams of carbs and 18 grams of protein.

4. Drink your milk

» Skim milk — a great way to satisfy your appetite and fill up the body with protein in order to tide you over until your next meal» — says Dr. Jim white, owner of Studio fitness and healthy in Virginia beach.

Plus, studies have shown that low-fat chocolate milk helps to improve athletic performance that is not worse than traditional sports drinks.

5. . Stop eating out of habit.

Sometimes, overeating after exercise — it’s a habit.

«When you regularly drink smoothies 500 calories after you’ve finished training, then this habit is not dependent on how long and intense was physical activity « ” says Dr. brown.

What’s the solution? Snacks should be chosen depending on workouts. The shorter, the less high-calorie food should be. And yet, eating is necessary only when the feeling of hunger, not boredom or habit.

6. Do not trust the gadget by counting calories.

Fashion today trackers, like Fitbit and Jawbone, assess your physical costs during the day. But held in 2014, a study by the University of Iowa showed that not all devices are accurate in the assessment of calorie consumption during exercise. The inaccuracy can reach 23.5 per cent.

» More listen to the needs of your body, than to the calculations of the tracker.- recommends that Dr. brown.

7. Snack on during the day.

It may sound counterintuitive, but eating more during the day, you consume less calories. Especially if you are prone to overeating after a workout.

«Two or three healthy snacks throughout the day to regulate hunger between meals, give you energy and normalize metabolism» — says Dr. white.

8. Do not exaggerate.

You think I burned a million calories during exercise on a stationary bike, but research shows that we tend to overestimate our energy expenditure during exercise-as much as four times. This data is the University of Ottawa.

When the volunteers were asked to eat all the calories they have burned, they consumed two to three times more than what was actually spent.

9. Drink water after the workout.

«restores the fluid that you lost in the gym, should be a number one priority. — says Matt Fitzgerald, a certified sports nutritionist. — the Water in the stomach reduces appetite».

However, drinking too much water, too, not — can happen water intoxication due to the excessively low level of salt in the body.This code

10. Ask yourself whether you really want to eat?

You probably have heard that after a workout, definitely need something to eat for recovery of muscles.

«But it may not be required. — says Dr. brown. — Say, after an intense workout, you want to return to the gym the next morning. Then you need to take a meal to refuel after class. If between sessions there was a break in a few days, there is a need to «toping» no».

If You are not hungry, do not force yourself to eat.

11. Refuel on the way.

During prolonged exercise more than two hours drink a sports drink.

» Studies have shown that people eat less after your workout, when they consume carbohydrates during exercise. — said Fitzgerald.- Try to consume 30 to 60 grams of carbohydrates is from 120 to 240 calories every hour. During training, avoid have protein, as it is harder and longer to digest.

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