Warm up before exercise

Warm-up — a vital part of any physical exercise. Before any sport training definitely need to warm-up the necessary muscles and joints that will be involved in the process of training. Many do not give much importance to warm up, so, very often, ignore it altogether. Failure to warm-up with serious injuries. More than half of injuries in sports at the Amateur level happen just due to the fact that an athlete to ignore the limbering-up. The professionals this is not, they are well aware of the importance of warm-up, so always carried out.

Why warm-up?

As mentioned above, the main task warm-up: first of all, to prevent injury to muscles and joints. However, this is not the only benefit from workout. Our body is designed in such a way that he likes to gradually increase the load. For example, if an athlete only came to the gym and immediately went under a large rod, which weighs 90-100% of its maximum, most likely, they won’t raise. And what will happen? Many small muscles that are also involved in all the exercises, simply just, still «sleep». The muscles are not ready for the big load. Immediately affected the technique of the exercise, and the brain will get huge stress from such untrained actions. At best, we don’t get injured doing an exercise without a warm up. Many will say that they always start to do a warm up and no injuries were. Answer: from time to time. About six months ago, I was faced with the same situation. It was summer, got a bit colder. As usual, I went to do bench press. not to say that I willfully ignore the limbering-up, no, rather just forgot to do it, though, and was always aware of it. And now, after the first approach, when I put the rod back on and stood up, I felt pain in the elbow. Training for that day was finished, moreover, the pain was disturbed by another 1.5 — 2 weeks. The elbow was spontaneously appear sharp pain. Helped the use of ointments (hondroksid helped the most) and the rest of the elbow joint. When I came back the second time on the same rake becomes not. Now always do a warm-up.

No wonder, always perform a warm-up for physical education classes, before you begin more advanced exercises: running, pull-UPS and push-UPS. football, basketball and more. In addition, workout is very useful not only for training people. Those who lead a sedentary lifestyle, warm-up — almost the only way not to allow to atrophy of the muscles and a little bit to disperse the blood throughout the body. Therefore, as soon as have free time, always do warm-up in the workplace.

What are the injuries you can get in a workout without warming up?

Most often, suffer muscles and joints. In most cases, the immediate cause of the injury becomes large load or sudden movement in not warmed up muscles. Of course, that in cold weather the risk of injury is much higher, so, in addition to workout, always keep muscles and joints warm. For example, running. I know a lot of people who love to run not only in spring, summer and autumn, but in winter, indulge in physical activity. And on the street it is already cold, even performing a warm-up before Jogging, quite difficult to warm up the leg muscles. Therefore, in cold weather I recommend to dress or special winter sports clothing that it would be better to keep warm, or just to dress warmer. For running in the winter, it is better to use special pads, first they will help to keep warm, and secondly a bit will reduce the load on the knee joint. Injuries of the joints is more dangerous than muscular injury, so monitor the health of joints with double care. Most muscle injuries — it is a sprain, which usually go away on their own within a few days. Injuries to joints can be very dangerous, sometimes even requiring surgery. And all because the cartilage consist joints, much worse recovery than muscle fibers. You probably noticed that older people. very often there are problems with joints, primarily because of the wear and tear of joints, injuries in youth, and also due to the fact that an elderly person recover even worse joints than young.

How to perform a warm-up

Workout does not require much effort, everything is done very simply and quickly. Often, to warm up before training, you may need 5 minutes or less. The main task for us — to warm up and stretch muscles. Preheat going fast movements, so exercise to warm up, introduction of muscles in tone:

Mahi hands forward/back workout for the shoulders

Flexion and extension of the arms at the elbow joint to warm up the elbow joint

The rotation of the brushes in one and the other side

Rotation and head tilt

Movement shoulders back and forth

Trunk bending forward/backward/left/right

Squats — the best exercise for warm up legs

Rise on the toes, stretch the calf muscles

And some exercises for stretching muscles.

Tilting the torso forward, fingers grasping at socks. If it turns easily, in the same position, touch palms to floor. 5-10 seconds, no more

One hand behind his head, the second from the bottom trying to grab first. Alternate hands.

Add up straight hands behind his back and trying to raise them as high as possible

Straight arm at shoulder height, bred back hands, bringing the blade

Raise straight legs at the knees as high as possible

There are other exercises, use those that are poisoned. Most importantly do not forget that the warm up should be light without a lot of stress on the muscles and joints. Also recommend any warm-up to end with a few push-UPS and pull-UPS on the crossbar.

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